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Social Alerts is an event platform dedicated to keeping you alert on Whats Hot and Whats Happening worldwide.

With over 50 categories of event listings, Social Alerts will keep you…well…alert…on everything from New Years Eve, Nightlife, Grand Openings & Launches, Professional Events (such as Career / Job Fairs, Networking and Professional Mixers), Happy Hours, EDM Shows and more.

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Always on the forefront enabling good times, the Social Alerts predecessor & co-created the first & largest social following of its kind consisting of nightlife information for more than 8000 followers in the Washington DC / Maryland / Northern Virginial area AKA “The DMV” in 1991.

Now approaching 100,000 followers world wide, Social Alerts strives to be the road for your search to unwind and have a good time.

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Note: We’re looking for volunteer translators to help us expand our audience. Please contact us via the form below. For your assistance, we will provide exclusive access to VIP events as we are invited to said events daily and can’t possibly attend them all :)

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Note: To add an event to– Create an event on Facebook here (“create” button in upper right hand corner)– Click the top portion and add a flyer or graphic for your event– Copy the link of the Facebook Event into the box below and TELL US WHICH CITY YOUR EVENT IS IN